Album Of The Week!

Jeremy G Rees Presents Human Heart as Album of the Week
on Cardiff Radio next week!

(the week of May 23rd 2016)

The new album Human Heart released May 18th!

Lionel's 12 album and 2nd with his Schragged Out Band!

The first full review of the album is out, read it here!

Listen to the tracks, leave a comment, order the CD here!

If you live in Europe and want to purchase the CD please contact me directly here.

CDbaby is in the States and will cost you more in postage.

The Schragged Out Band is Peter Beinhofer accordion/backing vocals, Franz Haselsteiner piano/keyboards, Stephan Steiner violin, Alex Gantz electric guitar, Joe Schirl bass, Daniel Klemmer drums/percussion.

With special guests Nadja Milfait cello, Jeffy Bialkowsky electric guitar, Stephan Tumler organ and Rebecca MacDuff Cafa, N!ddl, Steve Gander and Loka on backing vocals

All song written by Lionel Lodge. Produced by Lionel Lodge.

Schragged (Sh/ray/ged): In some ways bent or twisted, not square, somewhat skewed or irregular.











Speed the new single released!

Speed, the land sailing, BloKart theme song, thumping, driving, adrenaline pumping. For those who love speed sports, getting out there and experiencing life to it's fullest! 

Drums, bass, electric guitars and a bunch of other reasons to get out there and just do it! High energy rock with an attitude towards the adrenaline rush of speed sports or extreme experiences! With Joe Schirl on bass, Jeffy B on lead elecrtic guitar and Stephan Tumler on piano.  

Have a listen on the Music - Albums page!