Lionel Lodge Human Heart

A kind of quirky Americana playing solo artist from Vienna who puts me in mind a bit of Curtis Eller, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Ronnie Lane and more…

It’s a thirteen track and has some glorious storytelling like numbers on the album that include the celtic rock of ‘Auto-Pilot’ the celtic swing of ‘Almost In The Clear’;  the country rock of ‘Pauper Or A King’; the Cajun Countriness of ‘Running Through My Heart’ or the Gospelled ‘Rise Up’.

Love it!


By Glenn Milligan

Jeremyrees Blog

"This is an exceptional collection of songs, blending musical influences in a fusion that defies categorisation -or maybe creates a new one of its own – ‘Schragg’?

Here’s one label I will put on it though:- Superb."

Jeremy Rees presented Human Heart as Album Of The Week on Cardiff Radio.

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Q Magazine, England

"Lionel may come rolling out of Vienna but it feels like the map reference ought to be somewhere between The Band's Woodstock, New York, and the original Allmans' Macon, Georgia. Roogalating, everything in the right place."
Phil Sutcliffe, Q Magazine, England.

The Equal Ground

The Agitator is quite an eclectic album and also infuses blues into the mix as well as some slight flirtations with punk...a pretty strong album from beginning to end. Solid songs, good production and a great flow. Eleven albums strong is seems as if Lodge still has a lot to say., upbeat... exceptional vocal performance by Lodge...I swear at times it sounds as if he is an alternate version of Bruce Springsteen. It’s subtle and I definitely heard it come out...

Radio indie

"Definitely Schragged" by singer/songwriter Lionel Lodge is an acoustic CD that stands in a class by itself. A masterpiece. The music is Lionel's unique brand of acoustic folk eclecticism. It is authentic and organic. The performances are stirringly memorable and unique with contributions from tuba, violin, two accordions, harmonicas, flute and various percussion instruments. This is real talent that does not need to be disguised. Our favorite tracks are the wildly hypnotic "Dancing With The Moon" and "The Greatest Thrill of All," which features an exquisite guitar/piano/accordion accompaniment. This CD captures the essence of friends creating music together and invites the listener to become a part of the experience. This CD is a classic for your collection! Pick up a copy today!
Jane Stevens.

BRTO Radio, Netherlands

"Fantastic CD. Greats stuff for our Radio Station."
Alex Pijnen BRTO Radio

Swindon Evening News, England

"With words and music Lionel painted pictures so vivid you could reach out and touch the canvas."

Flicky Harrison, Swindon Evening News, England

Radio RheinWelle 92,5, Germany

"It's Not My Fault is an outstanding in every aspect...really like it!!!"
Rolf Hierath
Radio RheinWelle 92,5, Germany

This genial maverick is a passionate singer who wears his heart on his sleeve and this is what fuels his music's brazen beauty. Uplifting and touching ... there is much to enjoy here ... streets ahead of most of the competition. Lionel Lodge deserves a place in your heart check him out definitely one to watch.

Michael Flynn, 

XAct Music Magazine, Austria

He's writing wonderful songs, has a unbelievable feeling for melodies and writes lyrics that Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen would of liked to of written...and a great voice that's still looking for an equal."

Tom Proll, XAct Music Magazine, Austria

CILU Radio, Thunder Bay, Canada

"Excellent sound! The listeners of the Sunday Report on LU 102.7FM, Thunder Bay responded well to the music."
Dean Burke
CILU Radio, Canada

KPIG Radio, Freedom, California, USA

"Excellent songwriting, and a tight roots rock feel accompany the new CD from Lionel Train featuring Rens Newland. My favorite tunes are the rollicking "Day By Day", the soulful heartfelt "Our Paths Have Crossed", the light hearted "Bad Day", and the bluesy "Over Into Life". The Lionel Train is Lionel Lodge on vocals and acoustic guitar and features some excellent keyboard and organ work from Valentin Oman. `It's Not MY Fault´┐Ż is a great collection of ballads, blues, and good time rock and roll. Buy it!"

Dallas Dobro,KPIG Radio,
Freedom, California, USA


"Live in Vienna" by Lionel Lodge is a fun-filled acoustic rock collection of classic covers. Recorded as a live album, this album is spotlessly-polished, giving it the fresh appeal of a studio album. Lionel's voice on this album peers through as energy-filled and just-right for these covers. Moreover, the instrumentation in "Live in Vienna" is nothing short of exceptional. Perhaps "Knocking on Heaven's Door" best displays all the defining characteristics of this record: captivating vocals, superior musicianship, and quality production. Furthermore, Lodge throws in some originality to add new flavor, such as in "Save Tonight." This album is a smooth collection of tunes that lovers of timeless classics will absolutely enjoy.
-Xavier P

Twirl Radio, California, USA

"Two great albums from one great artist! Loved the live set--made cover tunes fun. Great musicianship, and great rapport. I started playing music from the live one first, but I'm now featuring more songs off of "It's not My Fault". This has really grown on me, and I appreciate the breezy, fun songs like "Day By Day" and "The Heart of the Night". The intensity of "Storms Building", the leadoff track, is stunning. The keyboards are really great. Thanks again! I enjoyed making you the Featured Artist for November. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!"
Mike Lidskin
Twirl Radio, California, USA

Northumberland News, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Tomorrow night at 7:00 sees the first of the summer concerts in the Bandshell in Memorial Park in Port Hope. International troubadour Lionel Lodge will kick it off and he is a treat not to be missed. Lionel grew up in London, Ontario but has lived for the past 10 years in Vienna, Austria. His father, Tom Lodge was a famous Radio Caroline DJ (a British pirate radio station based on a boat in the English Channel) who interviewed and knew all the big bands out of England including the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

Earlier hi his career Lionel was a member of a band called The Corndogs who were a popular on the Toronto music scene and toured Canada multiple times. His current band, The Lionel Train, touring history is quite impressive and it includes opening for Alanis Morissette and Jethro Tull. If you like the vocal style of Bruce Spingsteen, Lou Reed or Bob Dylan you'll love Lionel's voice, these are the entertainers he is often compared to.

Lionel has release eight CDs including the current one, It's Not My Fault. During his visit to Canada and the United States he is only playing a handful of dates and Port Hope is lucky to be included on the list. He's a marvellous entertainer and a must-see act.

Selena Forsyth, Northumberland News, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Twirl Radio, the Voice of Sacramento, Sacramento, CA

"I'm getting the biggest kick out of singer-songwriter Lionel Lodge's live album with Rens Newland and their Rock Quartet. It's all cover tunes, performed in one of the local vineyards/winebars in Vienna, Austria, where this Canadian expatriate calls home. It starts off with a rollicking version of the Beatles "With A Little Help From My Friends". As I listened, I noticed that along with the two guitars and drums, the "bass" sounded a little brassy, almost like the "bass" player somehow figured out a way to make little "toot" noises on his instrument. Then I realized (and had confirmed for me by the liner notes) that there was no bass player in this band, but rather, a tuba(!) player (Markus Weissenbach). A tuba! TUBA! These guys know how to have fun, and this is one of those rare live albums that made me feel like I wish I was at that concert. An incredibly successful collection of cover tunes. I'm not a big fan of cover tunes, unless they lend something new to the song. Well, the something new is Lionel's warm, soulful voice, Rens' stunning guitar work, the tuba, and the great intangible--the energy produced and shared when good musicians feed off of each other. Lionel and company also paid tribute to REM, Bruce Springsteen, Dr. Hook, and many others. This album has it all!"

Highlands 100.7FM, Australia

"It's Not My Fault, plus the Live album, has to be some of the best music received to date. It's sheer dynamism and its mix of roots/country/rock is undertaken in such a professional manner as to make one wonder where the hell Lionel has been all these years. With elements of Springsteen and the writing equivalence of the likes of Dylan, It's Not My Fault deserves world wide attention. Not only is this a good album, it is also an album that MUST be heard."
Tony Bates
Highlands 100.7FM
Australia - 2006-10-10

Stroud News and Journal, England

"Over the last fifteen or more years, international troubadour Lionel Lodge has been practicing his tender take on rock and roll with The Corndogs in Canada, in various guises in Britain and now in The Lionel Train, based in Vienna. With each move, his sound has improved and his song-writing skills - deft to begin with - have sharpened. New album, It's Not My Fault, proves this beyond doubt. Not only are the songs finely crafted but the band that Lodge has gathered around him prove themselves more than capable of expounding the lovelorn themes of the songs; Lodge's lyrical rasp of a voice is cocooned beautifully by the music, is given space to grow.

From the opening menace of Storm's Building by way of the fragile acoustic beauty of You Came To Me This Morning to the joyous mission statement of Over Into Life, The Lionel Train, with their subtle blend of alternative country, stomping anthemic rock and jazzy rhythms, sound like nothing less than Springsteen jamming with The Grateful Dead, The Band and Django Reinhardt.

It's an exciting and rewarding mixture that should capture both the ear and the heart."

Adam Horovitz
Arts editor, Stroud News and Journal
Editor, Glastonbury Festival Official Website

Radio Voce Spazio, Italy

"It's Not My Fault" has stayed inside my CD player since I first listened to it, and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since then! I love everything you've done here, there is no weak point indeed: the voice is warm, the sound of the Hammond is delightful, the whole band plays very well and tight. But above all I love your songs, a stunning blend of country, rock, rhythm'n'blues and something else too. I seldom am so enthusiast because I listen to so much music, as you may understand, but be sure that this album will be a consistent part of my musical diet over the next while.

Today I have started playing "It's Not Fault" in my radio show. I started with "Day by Day" but more songs of yours will follow on air in the next weeks: it will be a hard choice because this is the rare kind of album where everything should be played, indeed!

I thank you again so much for letting me discover your fantastic music."

Massimo Ferro
Radio Voce Spazio
15040 San Michele (AL)

Der Standard, Vienna, Austria

"On It's Not My Fault the six piece band The Lionel Train delivers a delicious menu of soulful Country-Rock-songs which can be compared to some of the greatest blue-eyed soulsters I can think of: bands like Green On Red, big names like Dan Penn or the great Eddie Hinton. Not only do they stand in one line with this artist their style is characterized by Lionel Lodge's songwriting which is filled with experience and close to life-wisdom that traveling and meeting people and cultures all over the world brings. No song is a highlight, it's the album itself."
Karl Fluch, Der Standard, Vienna, Austria

RadioIndy Phoenix, Arizona, USA

"We posted the following 5 star (outstanding) review of your "It's Not My Fault" CD on and on Keep up the good work.
Sincerely, staff

Lionel's "It's Not My Fault" CD is a gem. It is outstanding in every aspect: Songwriting, musicianship, and production, with quality that matches any big-label CD you've heard. Songs like "Storms Building" take you on an emotional ride from mellow verses to the powerful organ-filled chorus. "Day by Day" will get you tapping your toes to the hook-filled chorus. Our favorite is "One More Time," with its catchy, Springsteen-like groove and all the qualities of an adult rock hit.

If you enjoy adult rock singer songwriters such as Bruce Springsteen, Warren Zevon, or John Hiatt, you'll love this CD. Pick up a copy today. " staff
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Northumberland News, Cobourg, Ontario

About 250 people converged at Port Hope’s Memorial Park band shell on Thursday evening and were rewarded with  great music and beautiful songs. Lionel Lodge, who was visiting from Vienna Austria, has been described as a “passionate  maverick who wears his heart on his sleeve”,  and that’s what fuels his music’s brazen beauty.  He has a great voice that is often compared to Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen, but his song writing ability and lyrics are second to none. Over the years Lodge has released 8 CD’s. For a limited time all  are available at The Palmtree Way Cool Store adjacent to the park in the Granary Building. Although he was here for just a short time Lionel was impressed with the town of Port Hope and the hospitality of the people.  Unwinding after the 2 hour concert on the patio at the Beamish Pub Lionel admitted that he was bewitched by this small town full of friendly people.  He said, “This town has a nice name, a lot of small town flavor,  and lots of heart. I would be honored to play here again”. Next summer he plans to return to Ontario with his band appropriately called “the Lionel Train”. Here’s hoping this train will stop here.

Beverley Graham, Northumberland News, Cobourg, Ontario


"Though not a traditional country album I have found there is enough in the album to satisfy my listeners. To date I have played around half the tracks and will no doubt play the other half in weeks to come. Personally I found it an excellent album that, with suitable airplay, will please several markets."
Pete Smith

The London Free Press, London, Ontario, Canada

London singer-songwriter Lionel Lodge shares a smile that’s been 20 years in the making during this week’s Reaney’s Pick video.

Joined by London guitarist Jeffy B., Lodge sings Smile from his new album The Agitator.

The song dates from 1994 when it was set to be released by Lionel, a Lodge-fronted rock band in England.

The band “disintegrated” before the CD could be released. Lodge went off in acoustic directions and eventually forgot about Smile, with its mentions of Camden Town and a Rolls Royce. A friend brought it back to him along with other Lodge material about 10 years ago.

Smile is likely to be heard when Lodge and Jeffy B. (Jefferson Bialkowski off-stage) play London Ribfest 2014 at Victoria Park on Friday.

Their friendship goes back to the 1980s when Lodge was running a downtown London all-night punk club, Lionel’s, at 123 King St. Among the young rockers playing Lionel’s was Jeffy B., who was then with such bands as The Black Donnellys.

The two have combined forces on The Agitator, Lodge’s 11th solo album. Jeffy B. plays on the album and co-produces along with Lodge.

Born in Scotland, Lodge grew up in London where his father, the late Radio Caroline icon Tom Lodge, found a base in London as a DJ and later as Fanshawe College music industry arts program pioneer.

Lodge attended Byron elementary schools, Saunders secondary school and Fanshawe College. Along with his brother, Brodie Lodge, he was a member of the Corndogs, a 1980s’ rootsy band with a BMG Canada deal.

Fast forwarding to 2014, Brodie Lodge is still in the London region and has also released a new album this year.

Disillusioned with the business side of the industry, but loving the touring, Lionel Lodge moved to Europe in 1992. Vienna became his base before he returned to the London region, settling at Port Dover. Lodge expects to return to Vienna in the fall.

The time seems right for a return to Vienna, he said.

Asked to pigeonhole his music during Tuesday’s shoot, Lodge called it “a gypsy-folkie-rock-punk thing . . . I’m pretty safe with that. You can’t call me country and you can’t call me blues — not pure enough for that.”

Meanwhile, Jeffy B. has another Ribfest gig with the rock and roll-minded Rumblebees. Another band he’s in, The Dustbin Flowers, launched an EP at the same time Lodge was launching The Agitator.

Among Dustbin Flowers’ future gigs is an Aug. 16 date at Toronto’s The Sister, 1554 Queen St. W. in the Parkdale area.

Ribfest London 2014’s music ties in with the fest’s five-day run, starting Thursday.

“What they see on this (the video) is what they’ll get,” Lodge said of the Ribfest gig. “We know a few more songs,” he added with a smile.

Northumberland News, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

International talent playing in Port Hope

Internationally renown country-folk rock artist Lionel Lodge will hit the stage tonight for an intimate acoustic solo show. His accompanying band did not make the trip from Vienna, Austria, but his acoustic guitar did.

It is rare for Mr. Lodge to play in North America - much of his time is spent overseas.

But his sister's upcoming marriage brought him back to his native land. He takes the stage at 7 p.m. this evening.

"I wasn't planning on playing," Mr. Lodge said. "I wasn't really looking for shows to do. I am on vaction."

Mr. Lodge and his six piece band have face audiences of 25,000 people in Europe, almost twice the population of Port Hope. But he is no stranger to smaller venues.

"In new areas we try to establish ourselves in, we go smaller in size and build it u," he said. "I'm a big believer in balance.

"Touring is not the life for me," Mr Lodge said. "The main thing is creation.

"It's hard to be inspired by a place if all you do is meet the business."

The business aspect of the music industry does not impress the artist much. In the past he has declined record label offers - choosing to remain an independent artist. Remaining independent leaves creative control and audience sizes to his own discretion.

"I play quite a few places that are at a comfortable level."

His appearance in Port Hope came by chance. It just happens he has a friend who lives near Port Hope. Before coming to Ontario he played three solo shows in California while visiting friends there.

Richard Young, Northumberland News, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada