Definately Schragged - full album cd

Recorded in Vienna, Austria with the wonderful and renowned Schragged Out Band which includes Gernot Feldner on piano, Franz Haselsteiner on accordion, Peter Beinhofer on accordion, Stephan Stoney Schachtelhalm on violin and other stringed instruments, David Koller on percussion and Markus Weissenbach on tuba. Also the Soul Sistas on backing vocals and Pedro Duarte  on flute. It's a Gypsy swing though some dark, Americana alleyways.

song listing:

Dancing With The Moon
Swept Away (Somewhere In The Middle Of The Mediterranean)
Outa Sight Outa Sound
From Above
Her Peace 
Some Other Wanna Be
Toxic Dwarf
Hey There My Friend
The Greatest Thrill Of Them All
There Is Nothing Wrong With You