Human Heart - Album Of The Week on Cardiff Radio!!

The new album Human Heart, Lionel's 12th album and 2nd with the great Schragged Out Band.

Recorded with -

Peter Beinhofer accordion/backing vocals, Franz Haselsteiner piano/keyboards, Stephan Steiner violin, Alex Gantz electric guitar, Nadja Moltif cello, Joe Schirl bass, Daniel Klemmer drums/percussion, Jeffy Bialkowsky electric guitar, Stephan Tumler organ and Rebecca MacDuff Cafa, N!ddl, Steve Gander and Loka on backing vocals

 All songs written by Lionel Lodge. Produced by Lionel Lodge.

Schragged (Sh/ray/ged): In some ways bent or twisted, not square, somewhat skewed or irregular.

 Vienna, Austria based, Scottish born but Canadian raised Lionel Lodge releases a musically wild ride of an album on May 18th 2016 with worldwide distribution.  

 The incredible Schragged Out Band (S.O.B.) is a brotherhood of the best of the best in the Vienna music scene. The band was put together over a year and a half of weekly jam sessions in a small cafe in Vienna. With S.O.B. Lionel has taken the musical carpet by it’s fringe tassels and swirled it around his head. Over the years Lionel’s hitch hiked his way through many musical landscapes but always kept a wild, Americana/Rock core, almost Gypsy in ways. His music stomps and swoons, howls high then hovers deep and low. With the wonderfully dynamic  S.O.B. he shifts from thumping rock to hot pepper Cajun, to swaying, howling Celtic, to laid back, soul full country all with the depth and brilliance of Lionel’s playful lyrics.

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