Who the hell is Lionel?

Scottish born but Canadian raised Lionel Lodge has covered many miles by swimming against the current. He's walked away from and turned down quite a few business situations that a lot of musicians would love to consider. He never took the easy road but broke molds and pushed himself into unknown caverns. Never happy with the status-quo, always looking for the deeper root.

Lionel has hitch hiked his way through many musical landscapes over the years but always kept a wild, Americana core, almost Gypsy in ways. His music stomps and swoons, howls high then hovers deep and low. With his incredible band, the Schragged Out Band, he takes the musical carpet by the corner and swirls it around his head. Shifting from thumping rock to hot pepper Cajun, to swaying Celtic, to growling Blues, to laid back folk they slide around using Lionel's varied songs like a cross continental GPS. His lyrics - "With words and music Lionel painted pictures so vivid you could reach out and touch the canvas." Flicky Harrison, Swindon Evening News, England.

“It's an exciting and rewarding mixture that should capture both the ear and the heart." Adam Horovitz Arts editor, Stroud News and Journal, Published Poet and Author.

"...their style is characterized by Lionel Lodge's song writing which is filled with experience and close to life wisdom that traveling and meeting people and cultures all over the world brings." Karl Fluch, Der Standard, Vienna, Austria.

"Lionel may come rolling out of Vienna but it feels like the map reference ought to be somewhere between The Band's Woodstock, New York, and the original Allmans' Macon, Georgia. Roogalating, everything in the right place." Phil Sutcliffe, Q Magazine, England.

"Outstanding in every aspect!!!" Rolf Hierath, Radio RheinWelle 92,5, Germany

Lionel has recorded and released 11 albums and one EP under his name, 3 albums with a previous band and has written lyrics and music for numerous other releases.

It all started quite innocently. That is no longer a claim I can make, my innocence. Not sure where or when the innocence started to fade, could have been while singing along to Dylan and the Stones while just a lad. Could have been when I first left my birth place of the highlands of Scotland. It could have been when my parents moved me and my brothers over to Canada, we were too young to have our vote count. Then I think it also could have been years later when I was in The Corndogs and we were touring back and forth across Canada releasing cds on Latent Recordings. But I would think it really started to fade out of recognition when I left The Corndogs and moved to Europe to pursue a different musical adventure. Over 15 years in Europe my innocence was dragged across and through many countries, many bars and clubs and many festivals and music halls. I managed to capture my dwindling levels of innocence over the years by meeting up with local players and recording sounds that some call songs. 12 CDs in total to date, the last one clearly shows a total lack of innocence. One must face reality, or so they say. Number 12, Human Heart, will be released on May 18th 2016!


Man Games 1990 recorded in Toronto Canada

She's No Game 1992 recorded in Toronto Canada

Sister 1994 recorded in Stoud, Glos, England

Naked 1997 recorded in Stroud Glos, England

Somewhere In Vienna And Doing Fine 2000 recorded in Vienna Austria and Wyecomb Ontario Canada

Sailing To The Sirens 2002 recorded in Vienna Austria

Beautiful World 2002 recorded in Wyecomb Ontario Canada

Live In Vienna 2003 recorded in Vienna Austria

It's Not My Fault 2004 recorded in Vienna Austria

Definitely Schragged 2007 recorded in Vienna

The Agitator 2014 recorded in London Ontario

Human Heart 2016 recorded in Vienna Austria and London Ontario

Lionel Lodge short history

Lionel was born in Scotland but grew up in Canada.

He was writing songs as a young child starting at age 4 by re-writing the words to a Rolling Stones song.

Studied piano and saxophone from age 10 to age 18. And continued to write songs, poems and short stories.

Formed first band, The Catch at age 19 with brother Brodie Lodge and Jeff Kennedy. They started performing a live show of new originals within weeks of their first rehearsal.

Recorded and performed with new band, Nosmo King Jr., which included Brodie and Greg Clarke from 1985 to 1987

Moved to Toronto from London Ontario in 1987 with Brother Bro and a slightly changed and re-named Nosmo King Jr., which was then called The Corndogs. They recorded their second release, Clifhanger, and released it on their own independent record label, Doggy Don't Records.

Recorded his first solo CD, Man Games, with help from local Toronto musicians including members of The Corndogs, Pat Temple and Dave Alan.

in 1990 The Corndogs signed to Latent Recordings with distribution by BMG Canada. Over the next few years they recorded and released two CDs for BMG (Tell Your Friends There's Friends Around, What The Hell Is Going On) and toured Canada from end to end five times.

Recorded and released second solo CD, She's No Game in the summer of 1992 with an eleven piece band that included members of The Corndogs, members of The Cowboy Junkies, Colin Linden, Pat Temple and Kate Fenner.

Lionel moved to England at the end of 1992 and started working with local musicians putting together a new electric band.

Returned to Canada in 1993 for a summer festival tour in support of She's No Game with Pat Temple And The High Lonesome Players.

In 1994, back in England and with his new loud electric band Lionel recorded his third solo CD, Sister.

In 1996 Lionel was executive producer for the Corndogs CD, Love Is All, and arranged for it's release in England.

From 1994 Lionel toured and traveled around the British Isles until 1996 when he recorded his fourth solo CD, Naked, with an acoustically based group made up of mostly Irish and Celtic players.

Left England in 1996 and traveled through parts of Europe settling in Granada Spain for awhile performing with local musicians.

Moved to Vienna, Austria in late 1997 and started recording and performing with local musicians.

In 1999 Lionel signed a single deal with Musica Record Label and released the maxi single You're All I Want. During this year he started returning to Canada and England, performing in a duo with his brother Brodie Lodge.

In 2000 Lionel released his fifth CD, Somewhere In Vienna And Doing Fine. It is a collection of recordings made in Vienna with his then working group with Rens Newland and also in Canada with his brother Brodie.

In 2001 Lionel started working with the Ukrainian group, Braty Bluzu resulting in a festival performance in Linz, Austria and many concert and television performances in Ukraine.

In 2002 Lionel released two CDs. One, Sailing To The Sirens, which he recorded in Vienna with Rens Newland and the other, Beautiful World, which was recorded with Brodie in an old church in South-western Ontario Canada.

In 2003 Lionel performed in Ukraine at the Kiev concert hall with a chamber orchestra and 5 piece band. He started the weekly Lionel Sessions in the G-Punkt club in Vienna drawing together the band that would become The Lionel Train.

In 2004 Lionel recorded and released his 8th CD, "It's Not My Fault" with the Lionel Train which included Rens Newland. The years shows included headlining the 25th annual Bob Dylan Festival in Austria.

In 2005 Lionel continued with group and duo shows with Rens Newland. He also started working with Gernot Feldner doing weekly sessions of just the two of them in a small café in Vienna. Gernot co-produced Lionel's 10th CD called "Definitely Schrägged".

In August 2006 Lionel and Rens Newland released "The Lionel Lodge and Rens Newland Rock Quartet, Live In Vienna, The Covers CD" Recorded live in The Family Eckert Heuriger, out on the garden patio, with Markus Weissenbach on tuba and Georg Beck on drums.

In November 2006 Lionel and Gernot Feldner started the weekly Cafe Schräg sessions, building the band to record Lionel's next CD.

In December 2006 the group known as "The Schrgged Out Band" spent one day in the studio and recorded Lionel's 10th CD, "Definitely Schrägged".

In 2007 Lionel took 7 years off to get lost in Canada and do very questionable things.

In 2014 Lionel released the CD "The Agitator" with his London Ontario based rock band, The Cheekies, which includes Jeffy B on lead guitar, Geoff Squire bass and Dave Gervais on drums.

In 2015 Lionel took his Schragged Out Band into a Vienna studio for one day and recorded 14 songs that would become the album Human Heart.

In 2016 Lionel releases his 12 CD Human Heart on May 18th, The album was recorded with Peter Beinhofer accordion/backing vocals, Franz Haselsteiner piano/keyboards, Stephan Steiner violin, Alex Gantz electric guitar, Nadja Milfait cello, Joe Schirl bass, Daniel Klemmer drums/percussion, Jeffy Bialkowsky electric guitar, Stephan Tumler organ and Rebecca MacDuff Cafa, N!ddl, Steve Gander and Loka on backing vocals




Lionel Lodge long history

Lionel was born in the early sixties in the Highlands of Scotland even though his family was living in the London England at the time. His father, Tom Lodge was soon to become one of the top DJs on the first pirate radio station, Radio Caroline, which introduced Lionel at a very early age to the exploding sixties British music scene. "My dad was interviewing the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, we always had the newest releases playing on the home stereo, dad would go off to gigs and come home with these great new band's latest recordings." When Lionel was four heand his brothers re-wrote the words to the Stones` song Get Off My Cloud, turned it into a anthem to call their mother to get them out of bed. "Lionel was such a terror when he was young that we had to tell him he couldn't get out of bed until me or his father came to get him, left on his own he would destroy the house in minuets. At first he would wake up before us and start shouting from his room that he was awake, we had to tell him not to shout in the morning, that's when he re-wrote that song and started singing."

At five years old his parents moved Lionel and his two older brothers to Canada. "Dad was working for Radio Caroline and in `67 the British government passed the Marine Broadcasting Act, which stated that anyone working with or for pirate radio stations would be arrested if they entered England. Dad tried to work for the BBC then but it was too regimented for him, so off to Canada we went."

"In Canada we were very strange compared to the rest of the children at school, we had long hair and wore hippy-like clothes, plus we had English accents. I hated it for the first five years, didn't like Canada at all, got into a lot of fights. We moved around a fair bit and so we were always the new kids with funny accents."

Lionel's first instrument was the piano. " I had a piano teacher for a short while who taught me the basics to boogie-woogie piano. But he disappeared one day never to return. It was around this time I started getting seriously interested in girls and the girls thought that the piano was a sissy instrument, so I changed to the saxophone, far more sexy, but singing was my main passion, all I really wanted to do from as far back as I can remember."

After years of learning Glen Miller's Greatest Hits in the school orchestra, Lionel and his brother Brodie and their friend Jeff Kennedy put together their first band. "I was living in a house with a London Ontario, weekend, sudo Nazi punk band, they weren't Nazis and they certainly weren't street punks, most of them lived at home with mom and had good jobs and nice enough cars but they were singing about tearing down the establishment, their serious fakeness would make me, Brodie and Jeff laugh. We thought that if they can call themselves anarchist punks, then for all it means then we could be... Fish Rockers! So it was and so we were. Actually the Fish Rock wave of London Ontario started with a poster. Brodie made it out of an old encyclopaedia on fashion, it was a collage of all these pictures of different fashions and hair styles and across this he painted in a kinda cartoon writing "Fish Rock!!". It was put it up in a party, on a night when the punk band was going to play for all their friends. Well, the poster was pulled down a bunch of times that night, it kept upsetting those renegade, ruthless adversaries to the status quo and the establishment. We laughed.

"I guess they thought we were laughing at them, we kinda were, or more we were laughing at how serious some of them were about the lines between musical styles. So it was that Fish Rock was born. The next day, after we cleared the house by playing Beethoven's 9th very loud, we went down in the cellar and picked up their instruments and started playing. Someone had to play Fish Rock and we guessed we were the most likely candidates. We wrote songs like "Follow Fish", "Living In A Fish Farm" and "Ban Can Tuna". It was a lot of fun but soon became a parody of its original intentions and then it was over."

After that Brodie and Lionel had a few different bands until the final Corndog line-up which centered on the writing partnership of Brodie and Greg Clarke. Greg was the lead singer and main guitarist, Brodie was on drums, Lionel on bass and Pat Gilmore was the forth member. Pat played mostly guitar but also played keyboard on some songs. They were signed through the Cowboy Junkies record label Latent Recordings and distributed in Canada by BMG Records. The Corndogs released two recordings before Latent and two with Latent while Lionel was in the band. They toured Canada from end to end many times with some success and a steadily growing audience.

"But there were some problems on the business side of things, problems with the record company and their perception of who we were, the same old story. I was not so satisfied and wanted to get out of the deal and try to move the band to another company but it was not an easy situation. I loved the traveling and wanted to go farther a field, across the ocean, I guess there was something inside me trying to get me out of Canada at that time."

The travel bug had bit and Lionel took exit to England. It was 1992, he originally thought he'd only stay that side of the Atlantic for a few months but, Lionel stayed longer, over a 15 years, longer and started traveling around Europe, meeting local players to record 8 of his now 12 solo CD s.

"It was time for a change, personally and musically. After recording `She's No Game´ I was feeling the need to shake this life of mine up a bit. I was becoming too comfortable, too mellow. Time to take a jump into the unknown."

First stop in England he put together a loud electric band that was said to be a mixture of The Pixies and Stax Volt. With this four piece band his third CD, `Sister', was recorded.

"It was a band based on fun, we played for fun, I was writing for fun, nothing was taken seriously. The effect was very uplifting. We played all over England, pubs, clubs, a few small festivals, whatever came our way. We were loud but not proud."

"And then came the offers. We were talking to Chrysalis and Virgin, there were some pretty big amounts of money being discussed, they wanted to pick up "Sister" and release it as is. I didn't really believe it, I didn't feel it was for real and I wasn't at ease with who was offering the deal. We were doing showcases in London and working the situation when the band started to fall apart."

Instead of accepting offers from Chrysalis or Virgin Lionel continued traveling on his own, going around England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, meeting and working with local players. By the end of this period he recorded his fourth CD, Naked, with a six piece, mainly acoustic band. "The band on `Naked' is a mixture of Irish, Scottish and English players, I'm very proud of that CD. It worked so easily. We recorded it in one day, started at 9:00am and finished the mixing in time to make it to the pub before closing time."

But the need for more traveling and musical exploring was still calling, so he went to France then Spain, Greece and through a strange twist of events, after an unknown amount of time, ended up in Vienna. He met a lot of great players there, people like Rens Newland, Hans Theessink, Othmar Binder, Gajus Stappen, Peter Müller, Oliver Gattringer, Willie Lange, and the members of The Lionel Train, Valentin Oman, George Beck, Thomas Eder, Bernhard Osanna and Peter Schönbauer.

"Playing with these people has been a joy and an honor. Also the mixing of cultures has been both interesting and inspiring. I only planned on staying in Vienna for a couple months, but I met so many fine players here that leaving became a hard thought to entertain."

In 1999 Lionel signed an single deal with a Vienna based, long standing record label called Musica and started working with Rens Newland in his studio in Vienna. Together they recorded the maxi-single `You're All I Want´, which was finished in May but released in October. By the middle of 1999 Lionel was mainly performing live in Vienna with Rens, both on acoustic guitars. But when the opportunities arose they extended the live line up with some of the musicians they're working in the studio with. By the time the first recording was released, the maxi-single `You're All I Want´, Lionel and Rens had transferred the understanding they'd developed in the studio out to the live stages. They're managed to fuse Lionel's Americana/Folk/Rock writings with Rens' Jazz Funk sensibilities to an effect that was both international and down-home, sophisticated but still easily accessible.

In November 1999 Lionel and Brodie met in England to do a series of shows, just the two of them on guitars. "Our Grandmother had died earlier that year and this was to mark her first birthday since her death. She was very popular in the area and so it was a bit of a community event. We played in the local pub, set up in the corner. It worked with a haunting effect."

They started with the local pub and ended up in London. They realized that they still had the open natural way between them, their way of rolling through the songs together.

"People seemed to really react to the two of us playing together, we played a lot of the places I used to play with the group on "Naked". It was a lot of fun and the music was flowing."

In early 2000 they returned for another three weeks of playing in clubs and theaters around England and they recorded a whole slew of songs, some of which ended up on Lionel's next CD.

In September 2000, Lionel released his fifth CD, `Somewhere In Vienna And Doing Fine´ while he was continuing with numerous live shows in Europe and North America. This CD covers the three different musical settings Lionel was working with at the time. Mainly the two different duos, Lionel and Rens Newland (for most of European performances) and Lionel and Brother Bro (for British and American performances) but the CD also includes a couple tracks with the group Lionel had at the time in Vienna with Rens, Willi Langer and Oliver Gattringer.

But before that something else, a whole new musical direction, was bubbling up from under. During the summer of 2000, while playing at the Pepsi Donau Insel Fest in Budapest, Hungary, Lionel met Myroslav Levytsky, a Ukrainian composer and leader of the group Braty Bluzu. They talked and exchanged contact info with the thought being of Lionel, sometime, traveling to Ukraine to perform. A few months later the invitation came. On January 8th 2001 Lionel traveled to Kalush, Ukraine with Rens Newland as his stage partner. They performed in the city's concert hall as part of the city's Christmas festival.

"It really took my heart, being there, we drove through the mountains, though the small villages and found this indoor festival overflowing with their cultural dances and songs. It was an experience I will never forget and it was the start of many more shows and concerts in the Ukraine."

In June of 2001 Rens arranged a concert at the Linz City Music Festival for Lionel and Rens to perform with Braty Bluzu, all together, mixing their styles, their approaches and their songs together to give a very unique soundscape of cultural diversity. Since this date they have continued to perform what they call the "Music Without Boarders" project a few times a year. Twice they added a Swiss Chamber Orchestra to the line up and it is planned to take this full show out on the road in Europe.

In February and March of 2001 Lionel recorded his 6th CD, "Beautiful World", in Canada with his Brother Bro. They set up and recorded in an old church in the middle of tobacco country, South Western Ontario. Just the two of them and a pile of original songs. It's spooky kinda country rock with a bluesy edge to it. Just one acoustic guitar and one electric guitar and their voices. They recorded it then flew over to England to tour the British clubs and theaters for most of April.

Between October 2000 and May 2002 Lionel was also recording another new CD with Rens Newland. It started out to be a duo album but soon was redirected towards a more band/produced CD. Released by Jive Music in November 2002, "Sailing To The Sirens" shines with eleven of Lionel's new original songs. Produced by Lionel and Rens it has a very different sound to it compared the CD with Brother Bro and to really show the difference in musical approaches between the two CDs Lionel recorded the song "Beautiful World" for both releases.

There's an old saying, `A rolling stone collects on moss´ , well you won't find any moss on Lionel. Late in 2002 Lionel started to do what he called Sessions at a little cafe/bar in Vienna. The core of this new group was Valentin Oman on piano, Bernhard Osanna on contra bass and Peter Müller on drums. Lionel invited other players to come and sit in with them, players Lionel had worked with in the past and others he had only heard about. They held the Sessions every Tuesday evening for a few weeks. They didn't perform as such, more like they just jammed, messing their way through Lionel's original songs, and some pieces that they made up on the spot. It was a very relaxed setting and so the music came out that way too.

But the Sessions had to come to a pause due to Christmas and Lionel had plans to head back to Canada for the season and record a new CD with Brother Bro and his son Durrie. So off he went, back to the cold country side where his family live, with a stack of new originals he had written while in Spain during the previous autumn.

This time they set up to record in a building on Brodie's property. A small, old wooden barn that they called The Shed. They recorded 15 songs, some Lionel's, some Brodie's, Lionel on acoustic guitar, Brodie on electric guitar and 17 year old Durrie on drums.

In January 2003 Lionel returned to Vienna from Canada with all the recordings ready to be mixed only to head off again with Rens to perform in Ukraine, again in the Kiev City Music Hall and again with the string orchestra and Braty Bluzu. While they were there they also did an hour performance for the Ukrainian MTV which is called M1.

In February 2003 Lionel started up the Sessions again and plans on continuing the weekly sessions until the early summer when the festival season starts. The core of the band has expanded to Valentin Oman, George Beck, Thomas Eder, with Bernhard Osanna and Peter Schönbauer trading off on the contra bass. Over the first half of 2003 this group developed into The Lionel Train with Rens Newland on guitar, Valentin Oman on piano/organ, George Beck on drums, Thomas Eder on guitar, and Bernhard Osanna on contra bass.

In 2004 Lionel released the CD "It's Not My Fault" with the band called "The Lionel Train"

In 2007 Lionel released his 10th CD, "Definitely Schragged"

“Definitely Schrägged” was born out of weekly sessions held at the infamous Café Schräg in Vienna. The café was run by Reinhard, a definitely schrägged but extremely lovable rouge. His enthusiasm and love for the music fueled the continuation of the weekly ramblings. The sessions started with just Gernot Feldner and Lionel wanting to have a place to get together and bang through some songs, simply for the fun of it. Café Schräg had a piano, one that was pulled from a garbage pile but hey ...

After a few weeks of sessions with Gernot and Lionel schrägging about on their own, they started inviting other players to join in. All was done with casual attire, sitting around the piano, like cattle in the shade, mainly ignoring any audience that would gather, just playing though stuff they felt like playing through at the time. Some players came once and never again (usually due to an indiscretion on Lionel’s part), some came once and kept coming back to get a little more schrägged out. Over the weeks the group slowly gathered, kinda like dust under the bed. By the end of the first six months of sessions they had accumulated the players that are on “Definitely Schrägged”, like minded, schrägged folks who enjoyed the distraction of ambling through the songs.

In December 2006 they spent one day in the studio and recorded the main part of the band. Markus, the tuba player, couldn’t be there as he was sick (hard to play a tuba with a head cold) so it was the remaining five left to stink it out that day. In the following weeks they added the tuba and some extra guest players who were not part of the core session group but who had joined in at the sessions when they could and who definitely churned the engine of the music.

The sessions came to a floundering end when some music critic of a neighbor to Café Schräg started calling the police and complaining the music was too loud. They tired to be quieter but the piano didn’t have a volume knob on it (most acoustic pianos don’t) so they could only wallow so low (without getting morally damaged). The Cafe was fined a couple times, they tried playing without the tuba and without the cajon but the police still came. So they, sadly, had to end the sessions. All satisfying escapes must come to an end they say.

"The weekly sessions at Schräg will be missed
but at least we have this CD to remind us of what was."

Schräg – Not square, slightly bent.

By the end of 2007 Lionel was back in Canada for some unknown reason, something about getting lost in the north. It took 7 years for him to surface again.

While on the resurface route Lionel put together a thumping rock band in London Ontario with his buddy Jeffy B. They recruited Steve Crew on drums and Geoff Squire on bass. A tough, bluesy rock band. They spent a few weeks in the early part of 2014 and recorded in a few locations around Ontario.

In 2014 Lionel released his 11th CD, "The Agitator", recorded in London Ontario with his London based band "The Cheekies" Produced by Lionel and the great Mr. Jeffy B.

After the album was released Lionel stayed around Ontario for the summer playing festivals and clubs with The Cheekies.

But in true nomad form Lionel left Canada in the autumn of 2014 to return to Vienna, Austria and reform his Schragged Out Band. There was to be a few changes in the band due to different reasons but the tuba was gone and replaced with Joe Schirl on electric bass and Daniel Klemmer joined the group on drums and percussion. The rest of the players from the Schrag sessions were still there and ready to play together again!

In on January 25th 2015 Lionel and his Schragged (Sh/ray/ged) Out Band went into a studio in Vienna for one day and recorded what was to become his 12 album, Human Heart. The main band recorded 14 songs (one didn't make the album) in 6 hours. But after the recording there were thoughts of some extra bits that seemed needed.On the 2nd of February Lionel was booked to play a series of shows back in Ontario. While there he got his buddy Jeffy to lay down some guitar parts and backing vocals on a couple songs. He was more than up for it and they had an afternoon messing with ideas. You can hear Jeffy's smile coming through his voice as the last voice you hear on Drink It Up. Also a very close friend, Rebecca Walker MacDuff Cafa who has a wonderful Americana lilt to her singing voice came by and joined in. Her wonderful backing vocals are showcased on the title track Human Heart.

After a few weeks Lionel was back in Vienna where he called upon someone he had recently met at a private performance. Nadja Milfait played one of Lionel's favorite instruments, the cello, and played it like a real Schragged Out player would. Nadja happily contributed to about half the songs on the album, giving very strong, melodic lifts to the songs and on more than one occasion the arrangements of the song was changed because of what she played.

But still more was needed so a close friend to the band members, Alex Gantz was called up to add some electric guitar. Alex fit in so well with the other players that he was asked to become a full time Schragged Out Band member.

During some unconnected writing and recording sessions Lionel met N!dle, a powerhouse of a singer based in Vienna. She openly accepted the invitation to sing in the choir for Rise Up, well she lead the choir and made that element of the song work.

There was still one more thing. While over at a friends house Lionel met keyboardist and producer Stephan Tumler. They were listening to early mixes of the album and when the song Satisfied came on he asked "Where's the bubble?" At first it was thought a joke but he was serious. The organ bubble, the bouncy organ part that makes Reggae work so well. Within a week Stephan came over to Lionel's studio and laid down a bubble.

The album ended up having Peter Beinhofer accordion/backing vocals, Franz Haselsteiner piano/keyboards, Stephan Steiner violin, Alex Gantz electric guitar, Nadja Milfait cello, Joe Schirl bass, Daniel Klemmer drums/percussion, Jeffy Bialkowsky electric guitar, Stephan Tumler organ and Rebecca MacDuff Cafa, N!ddl, Steve Gander and Loka on backing vocals

Human Heart will be released on May 18th 2016 with world wide distribution. Like all of Lionel's albums except for the first one, it is available online though most download and streaming sites including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and CDbaby.

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