Human Heart

The new album Human Heart, Lionel's 12th album and 2nd with the great Schragged Out Band.

Recorded with -

Peter Beinhofer accordion/backing vocals, Franz Haselsteiner piano/keyboards, Stephan Steiner violin, Alex Gantz electric guitar, Nadja Moltif cello, Joe Schirl bass, Daniel Klemmer drums/percussion, Jeffy Bialkowsky electric guitar, Stephan Tumler organ and Rebecca MacDuff Cafa, N!ddl, Steve Gander and Loka on backing vocals

 All songs written by Lionel Lodge. Produced by Lionel Lodge.

Schragged (Sh/ray/ged): In some ways bent or twisted, not square, somewhat skewed or irregular.

 Vienna, Austria based, Scottish born but Canadian raised Lionel Lodge releases a musically wild ride of an album on May 18th 2016 with worldwide distribution.  

 The incredible Schragged Out Band (S.O.B.) is a brotherhood of the best of the best in the Vienna music scene. The band was put together over a year and a half of weekly jam sessions in a small cafe in Vienna. With S.O.B. Lionel has taken the musical carpet by it’s fringe tassels and swirled it around his head. Over the years Lionel’s hitch hiked his way through many musical landscapes but always kept a wild, Americana/Rock core, almost Gypsy in ways. His music stomps and swoons, howls high then hovers deep and low. With the wonderfully dynamic  S.O.B. he shifts from thumping rock to hot pepper Cajun, to swaying, howling Celtic, to laid back, soul full country all with the depth and brilliance of Lionel’s playful lyrics.

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Speed, the land sailing, BloKart theme song, thumping, driving, adrenaline pumping. For those who love speed sports, getting out there and experiencing life to it's fullest!

Drums, bass, electric guitars and a bunch of other reasons to get out there and just do it! High energy rock with an attitude towards the adrenaline rush of speed sports or extreme experiences! With Joe Schirl on bass, Jeffy B on lead elecrtic guitar and Stephan Tumler on piano.

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The first and second edition of t-shirts sold out quickly, only 30 made of each. Now we are into a new series of designs to go with the new album, Human Heart, that will be released soon! They are 100% cotton (fruit of the loom). In Canada they are $20, in Europe they are 20 euro for the short sleeve. The long sleeves are $25 in Canada and 25 euro in Europe. We have also made some hoodies they are $40 in Canada and 40 euro in Europe. All limited edition, only 30 will be made of each design in total - info (at) lionellodge (dot) ca

The Lionel Lodge Song Book 2014

118 songs all with lyrics and easy to follow chord charts. You don't need to be able to read sheet music to play the songs in this book. Comes with a complimentary download request for up to 20 songs from the book, if they have been officially released. This you can use over time, order one song a week or a month or a year or all at the same time. The book is printed in black and white and is soft cover. You need to order this book through the contact page on this site. Send in your request and we will get right back to you. Each book is 95 euro plus postage for the physical book or 15 euro for the download version in pdf form.

The Agitator

The 2014 full length album by Lionel that stomps and kicks and laughs as well. Recorded in London, Ontario, Canada with Jeffy B and Steve Crew. Produced by Lionel Lodge and Jeffy B. Mixed By Lionel Lodge with help from Loka. Art work by My Milkman.

Song listing

  1. The Resurrection of NV
  2. Smile
  3. The In Between
  4. Little Row Boat
  5. Shut Down
  6. Rock In My Shoe
  7. Occupied
  8. Where Will They Go
  9. See It For Ourselves
  10. Putting Down My Gun
  11. 123
  12. The Agitator
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Definately Schragged

Recorded in Vienna, Austria with the wonderful and renowned Schragged Out Band which includes Gernot Feldner on piano, Franz Haselsteiner on accordion, Peter Beinhofer on accordion, Stephan Stoney Schachtelhalm on violin and other stringed instruments, David Koller on percussion and Markus Weissenbach on tuba. Also the Soul Sistas on backing vocals and Pedro Duarte  on flute. It's a Gypsy swing though some dark, Americana alleyways.

song listing:

Dancing With The Moon
Swept Away (Somewhere In The Middle Of The Mediterranean)
Outa Sight Outa Sound
From Above
Her Peace 
Some Other Wanna Be
Toxic Dwarf
Hey There My Friend
The Greatest Thrill Of Them All
There Is Nothing Wrong With You


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It's Not My Fault

This Album leans towards the early 70's hamond organ rock sound with elements of Jazz and swing. With Rens Newland on guitar, Val Oman on organ and keyboards, Thomas Eder on guitar, Bernhard Osanna on bass and Georg Beck on drums.

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The Rock Quartet Live in Vienna, the covers cd

Recorded live in Vienna with Rens Newland on guitar, Markus Weissenbach on tuba and Georg Beck on drums. Over the years we picked up quite a few cover songs that we enjoyed playing. We were asked a lot about if they were on cd, the answer was always no. The disapointed faces led us to decide to record them live. We recorded a full show and released the covers.

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Sailing To The Sirens

Here we have a Rens Newland production recorded in his Bizzyman Studio, this is the most produced cd in Lionel's catalogue.

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Beautiful World

Recorded in Wycombe, Ontario with Lionel's brother Brodie Lodge on electric guitar and harmonica. This is just the two brothers doing some of Lionel's songs and some of Brodie's.

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